Victor Wanyama

Football darling Victor Wanyama has come out to strongly deny claims by a 19-year-old socialite that he had sexual relations with her. The video of these utterances has gone viral.

In a statement Wanyama said,

“My attention has been drawn to a video circulating online containing false, fabricated and insulting allegations aimed at scandalizing my good name and reputation.

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Victor Wanyama
Victor Wanyama

I wish to distance myself completely from the contents of this defamatory video. The allegations made therein are a total fabrication and a figment of the maker’s imagination at best.”


“I have NEVER met any party in the video. I strongly condemn the actions of both the woman in the video and the publisher of the video Arthur Mandela via his Instagram account @Xtiandela for encouraging the disparagement of the character of individuals based on false accusatory statements.”

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Victor Wanyama
Victor Wanyama

Wanyama noted, “The allegations made are manifestly fictitious clearly meant to boost the online audience of both the maker of the insulting allegations and the publisher of the video. I have worked long and hard to build my character and standing in society.”

The footballer pointed out that he will not be taking the slander to his name lightly.

“Such malicious, scandalizing and false assertions about my name and character are UNACCEPTABLE to me, my family and institutions who have placed great trust in me.”

He continued,

“I am prepared to go to great lengths to protect my good name and character. Consequently and with the blessing of my management team, I have instructed my legal team to pursue ALL legal remedies available to me and to which I have the unreserved right to seek.
That is all I wish to state.”

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