Victor Wanyama
Victor Wanyama

Football darling Victor Wanyana was not messing around when he said her will seek legal redress against Xtian Dela and socialite Shakilla.

Today, Mpasho got a hold of a hearing notice for a civil lawsuit by Wanyama against the two.

Shakilla went on an Instagram Live with Xtian mentioning Wanyama as one of the celebrities she has bedded and got paid for.

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Wanyama sent out a media statement denying knowing her and promising to sue.

The hearing notice reads,

“Take notice that the Application dated 6. October 2020 has been fixed for hearing on 10. November 2020 at Milimani Law Courts at 9.00 a.m. in the forenoon or soon thereafter in the High Court at Nairobi “

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“Take FURTHER NOTICE that if no appearance is made by yourself or your appointed advocate or someone authorized by law the matter will proceed and orders issued your absence notwithstanding.”

The letter is signed on October 15.

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