Victor Githu is shaking the gospel industry thanks to his preaching skills. At only 9, he is not only preaching but also singing professionally.

Speaking during an interview on a Diaspora TV, Victor said

‘Some people despise me because I am young but before God I am not young. I am in class four.

Other kids take me well because they see there is something in me, I play with them but it reaches a point where I enter prayer sessions and preaching.’

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Victor Githu

On how his parents are treating him he says,

‘My parents are treating me well but there is a time my mother did not know that there was something special in me.

It reached a point she now understands me.’


Asked on how he performs in school,Victor said

‘when God anoints you he makes you balance thing that is why I became number 1,2 or 3 in class.

As a child I used to put other kids together to form a crusade and I would preach for them.’

Below are some of the comments.

gichmanwilson: He preached at our church…… God bless him.

shihusa_mfalme: Alah this is damn interesting.

emily_luis0: Wise saying from the son of God.

ruthie_254: May God’s spirit in him never part from him and his guardian angels always protect him that he may fulfill God’s work in his life.

mcatricky:Hata shetani amebambika na haka😂😂😂

gideonbundi6: Just grow good…u will know there is something still u must need to prosper.

nyirendamoses: There is an old man in him.

vaska_kenem_kenem:😂😂Uyu atakuwa mbaya.. Na iyo age na ashapata kale ka sauti ka upasta ka finyo. 😂😂.

Below is a short clip from the interview.

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