Vesha Okello is Akothee’s first born daughter. The young lady who was recently made the director of her mother’s business, Akothee Safaris,  has responded to fans who diss her mum for her dresscode.

The 21-year-old celebrity kid has referred to her mother as the best role model ever.

“My mum has been the best role model so if someone else dislike that that’s not their cup of tea, well and good” She said during an interview with Citizen TV

Vesha Akothee daughter

So what about the costume she was dressed in during her performance in London?

“About her show in London, I don’t see anything wrong in what she wore. As an artiste we wear different costumes for different audience.These are people in the western countries, as an artiste you have to understand what your crowd wants and give it to them. For my mum, I think she sought out her audience and understood what they wanted and dressed according to their expectations.”

Akothee on stage

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She continued to say how strict the Give To Me hit maker is when it comes to studies.

“My mum is very tough when it comes to education. You don’t bring home anything less than an A. If you don’t she takes away the luxuries. She is very strict.”

At 19-years-old, Vesha was gifted a car by the singer, who threw a multi-million birthday party for her.


Vesha’s younger sister, Rue Baby, was also gifted a car during her birthday.

Celine Dion Akothee