Vera Sidika home and car
Vera Sidika home and car.

Vera Sidika has made a name for herself as one of the few socialites who is really making that crazy mulla. Vera is one of at least three socialites among them Corazon Kwamboka and Huddah Monroe who have been able to transfer their fame into fortune.

Vera Sidika selfie
Vera Sidika. Photo credit: instagram/vera sidika

Vera Sidika has been a favourite for the paparazzi and tabloids.She also has a   solid and stable fan base.

We all know her as a Kenyan socialite, TV personality, model, video vixen and business person. But before her fame and fortune, who was Vera?. Vera is a firstborn and the only girl among 3 siblings. She was born in Mombasa. The end! Her success is what interests us more.

Vera got widespread recognition when she featured in singer Punit’s video “You Guy” even though she had been on the entertainment scene for a couple of years. Vera managed to become one of the most sought-after video vixens in East Africa, also becoming a hot commodity in the whole of Africa.

Alongside other socialites, Vera launched a Kenyan Television reality Show, The Nairobi Diaries in 2015 which she quit in Feb 2016. Which is still going strong.

From estimations made from looking at what she posts on her social media, Vera Sidika’s net worth is evaluated at probably $2.5 million. That is a whopping 257 million shillings with change to spare! This figure comes from seeing the various assets that she owns which include various costly vehicles, jewelry and numerous others. Among the assets that she owns are:

She owns a fleet of cars which include a top of the line Range Rover:


Vera Sidika Car
Vera Sidika Car. photo credit: youth village kenya
Vera Sidika car
Vera Sidika car. photo credit: Nigerian Celeb news

She also owns a penthouse in Kileleshwa where she also resides.

Vera Sidika Home
Vera Sidika Home. photo credit: Campus Heat
Vera Sidika house
Vera Sidika house. photo credit: Zipo

She allegedly possesses a large scale poultry farm. and also an online boutique shop called veescollection. Vera claims that she alo owns expansive pieces of Land in Kilifi, Coastal Kenya.  .

In an interview she revealed to Larry Madowo that:

“My body is my enterprise. It is my cash producer.”

As one of the most well-endowed ladies she has discovered the fine art of letting her body earn her money in a legitimate way. Vera’s charges start from $2000-$2500 every hour just to show up at an occasion. However, with regards to music recordings, she earns much more.

Now may the guessing game begin. Are we correct in our estimation or?