Vera Sidika has come out to address the issue of June Wanza who died at the Nairobi Hospital’s ICU weeks ago, where she was admitted after developing complications from a botched breast enlargement operation.

Well, speaking to Word Is during her beauty Parlor launch on Sunday, Vera said;

“I read about the story in news and it feels really devastating but one thing I always tell to myself and I tell people is if you have to do it, then do it right. 

If you want to do breast enlargement, then look for a good doctor, that does not mean that our doctors here are not good but my advise is go to someone who has had probably like twenty years experience in that field, someone who has done more than ten thousand patients.”

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Vera in Maldives
Vera in the Maldives

Vera also went for a breast enlargement few years ago.

“Like I had mine done in the states at Beverly Hills and the doctor who did mine has thirty years experience and has done like tens of thousands of surgeries that is someone who has experience and you walk to his office he has like people lined up waiting for the surgery. That means, the person is always in the act and they are doing the practical every other day.”

Adding, “When you go to a person who is just trying to get to the industry, because this is Africa where we are blessed with big breasts and big sitting allowances which means most people will not opt for surgeries because we are naturally blessed.


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In the states it is a rare thing because most people desire the look and the demand there is high as opposed to the demand here where a doctor you meet has probably done ten surgeries since he started doing it so they don’t have that experience to really trust them with your body.”

She continued, “My feeling is that she should have been more careful because that is a risk you are taking with your body and anything could happen. For someone who has great experience, that is something that should never happen in medical.”

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