Vera Sidika has revealed that the main reason she would never date a fan is that a fan would let her get away with many things, which is very unhealthy in a relationship.

According to Vera she prefers a man who will reprimand her when she is on the wrong.

I would not date a fan as I would feel very uncomfortable.

If I do something wrong to them in a relationship they would just overlook and I do not want such a relationship.

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I want to be in a relationship where if I wrong you you treat me as me and not Vera the brand.

Local artiste Jegede has in the past confessed his undying love for the curvaceous damsel but she is not impressed one bit.

He also denied that his public declaration of love to Vera was not a stunt

First of all, it’s not a stunt, I am very serious. I’ve been admiring this girl for a long time, and I am not looking for a kiki. There is a way I am seeing men using this girl the wrong way. I will love her like she is supposed to be loved.

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Vera SidikaJegede said he will do everything for Vera in case she agrees to be his woman.

We’ve met a couple of times in the studio and in a video shoot, but she was in a relationship then. Now she is single, so I want to date her and even marry her.

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