Vera Sidika Pregnant

Vera Sidika did a major reveal last night. The socialite showcased her bulging baby bump while at the same time launching her official YouTube channel.

Vera told her fans.

“To my fans and foes: You may have noticed my absence these past few months and I would like to share this news with you directly and put the rumors to rest, once and for all. Welcome to a new journey a new season in my life.”

Vera Sidika Pregnant

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In the video, Vera is visited by her pal from London who presents her with gifts for her baby girl.

In the middle of the presentation, Vera started getting agitated and says she is hot. And that she needs to lose some of the clothes she is wearing.

Then, lo! and behold! She lifts up her black top and underneath it all, is a fake baby bump complete with a protruding belly button.

Vera Sidika pregnantVera went on to say,

“Yes the post i put up on April fools was a prank. I know it is so wierd, but guys i will be honest with you, sometimes you have to turn off social media because it takes up soo much of your energy especially when you are working on things that really matter. Like now i’m working on this big project and I did not want that kind of distraction.”

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Adding, the ultra sound she posted on her social media was gotten off Google.

Vera Sidika Weight gain

“I added so much weight when I was on Vacation and I will be going on a weight loss journey using my product. I will be going on a strict diet.”

Check out the full video below…


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