Vera Sidika
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Vera Sidika was blasted by Tanzanians when she appeared at Tanasha Donna’s baby shower wearing white knickers and a bra.

Some fans however defended Sidika, saying that the dress code according to the invite said it was a ‘Beach Party’ event, hence her dressing.

Talking to Wasafi TV, the socialite denied using her body as a business, saying that she also can’t love a man for his money.

I have my own businesses. I am also paid to attend events. It’s not just about a man liking me because f my body or me being involved in a man because of money.

Sidika says she went to Tanzania not only to attend her friend’s event (Tanasha Donna) but also to visit her new man Jimmy Chansa, who is Tanzanian.

Sidika opened up about the skin colour stunt she did months ago, revealing that she used make-up to transform herself.

That was makeup. I didn’t do skin tanning. Make-up transforms you. I did makeup on the parts that are seen.

Vera Sidika

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