Socialite Vera Sidika had responded to Jegede, a former Everlast member has been going around media houses professing his love for the her.

In an interview with, Jegede said he has always had feelings for Vera and has been waiting for the right time to talk about it.

“First of all, it’s not a stunt, I am very serious,” he said. “I’ve been admiring this girl for a long time, and I am not looking for kiki (not a gimmick). There is a way I am seeing men using this girl the wrong way. I will love her like she is supposed to be loved.”

Jegede also said he will do everything for Vera in case she agrees to be his woman.

Apart from her personality, Jegede disclosed that he was also smitten by Vera’s beauty and her legs.

‘My salon business is not failing,’ Vera Sidika speaks out

“We’ve met a couple of times in the studio and in a video shoot, but she was in a relationship then. Now she is single, so I want to date her and even marry her,

Well, Jegede has now released a song a few days ago showering Vera with praises.

The song dubbed ‘Vera Sidika’ was self-produced and in the lyrics, Jegede explains why he is obsessed with Vera.

Kwanza kwa kitanda sita disappointi, kama zigi zaga nitapiga pointi, kajulubeng (no) master wako msupeng (no) mpaka kwenye ceiling tunakuta kuta bang. (In bed I’m a lion I won’t disappoint. I’m a master of the craft.”

The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Well, this could be a trick to lure the bootilicious socialite after words went round that the reason she broke up with her ex-boyfriend was because he could not satisfy her in bed.

Well, responding to Jegede, Vera denied having any knowledge of the rapper.

She told,

“Many funny people say that just to use my name but I have got no idea what is going on. I have nothing to do with this and I don’t want to contribute anything in it. I don’t know who Jegede is.”

Check out the song;