Vera Sidika

Socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika has opened up on why she broke up with her doctor bae, Jimmy Chansa.

Vera and her her Tanzanian bae were couple goals for daaaaaayyyyz.

However, six months into their fiery relationship all that was left is smoke as the fire suddenly died down.

Vera has opened up on why she broke it off with her handsome Doktari.


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She took to her Instagram, explaining why.

one thing most men fail to realize is, the fact that, a woman can be loyal, loving, dedicated and sometimes even obsessed with her man to a core but so does she have limits of bullshit tolerance. there is that moment in her life when she just gets tired of all the inconsistency and childish behavior the guy is giving after letting you have all the opportunity to do normal, that she will just have to go from 100 to 0 on your ass. When she stops giving a fuck about the things she used to complain about anymore. my guy forget, shes gone. Don’t let that day come.

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