Vera Sidika salon

Vera Sidika recently relaunched her beauty parlour in Nyali, Mombasa leaving tongues wagging.

The bootylicious socialite moved her salon from Nairobi to the coastal city and according to the gossip mills, she couldn’t afford to pay the rent at the Westlands establishment.

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Sidika, who ventured into the salon business in 2018, refuted the claims and in an interview with Jalang’o she said she moved because she was missing her family.

‘I moved the VSP from Nairobi to Mombasa because I’m gonna be here 90 per cent of the time, my house is still in Nairobi and I have some businesses there,’ she said.


It’s a huge step because people were like “why are you leaving Nairobi coz it’s the capital and its where everyone is running to. I’m moving backwards …everyone was like okay, “are you sure this is gonna work?” but I believe business people take risks and its because of the risks they take that they become successful. the main reason why I moved was that I feel more at home in Mombasa because I was born and bred here and I was missing my family.

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Vera, whose family gives in Mombasa also said that she wanted the people of Mombasa to have a great experience when it comes to beauty.

people hadn’t seen this [such a beautiful parlour] before. I realized us as pubic figures open businesses in Nairobi and forget about Mombasa. since it’s my home I decided let me just take it back home with me. since its one year and a half old, it was too soon to leave it on its own in Nairobi and open a branch here. I want to to be here permanently. people want to feel the experience and when the owner is there physically they feel comfortable. when they have complaints they can tell the owner and feel nice once they’re addressed.

She added that,

I have made a name for myself and I can work from anywhere. I work mostly online.

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