Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! That statement has never rung truer for Otile Brown. You see, Veetile broke up simply because Otile had the audacity to borrow money from Vera to top up to the sum he had so he could acquire a new Benzino.

Vera aired him out and then dumped him claiming men borrowing money from her was a turn off for her. It would seem she has forgotten her own words as she bought her new boy-toy who used to date a Tanzanian star a car.

And so petty is she that she even acquired a similar in the same colour! Check out how all of that played out below:

I for one will hold my tongue until I see a number plate on the car that I can search for to ascertain ownership. Wherever Otile is, I pray to my gods he isn’t tempted to open his mouth and shame his ancestors. The talented Guy needs to maintain sharrap!