Vera Sidika house
Vera Sidika house. photo credit: Zipo

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has blasted her haters who keep saying that she borrows a house to take photographs to post online.

According to her, some people are just bitter because they can’t have her life.

“Bought my house 5 years ago and it’s 5 years later that people wanna talk shit that I borrow house for pics lmaooo where were y’all 5years ago when I got it.

Y’all weren’t available to hate when it was still new. Y’all were too embarrassed to hate lmaooo.”

This just shows you that God is just making y’all show your bitterness,”

In the past Vera had said she is done with cars and prefers investing in houses.

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This was after a fan asked if it is true she owns a home.

‘ Vera I know you have a house in Nyali but you never show us lol. I’m a landlady so I got an agent and one time I was at the office I had hio title deed ya Vera Sidika nyali…

I was like damn Vera you go girl anyway I never even told anyone but kudos if it was you.’

To which Vera responded

‘Hmmmm …but who told you?

Further adding

‘ I only post such for motivational purposes,1 make silent moves Land, apartments, houses, businesses are my kinda thing. I got tired of cars.’

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