I reiterate; Vera Sidika does not ball on a budget, she has the money. Thanks to her private business she now owns a BMW X5, Range Rover 2015 and her neighbour’s sleek Bentley whose photos she posted on Snapchat.

Vera has been accused of allegedly taking pictures of other people’s cars and claiming that they are hers, but this time round she made sure to tell everyone that’s it’s her neighbours car, and she also took shots at y’all who think she can’t afford the expensive wheels.

This Throwback Photo Of Vera Sidika Will Make You Laugh Till You Crawl

Posted pic of my Range showing Bentley..Sugar daddy car, lmao dats my neighbour’s ride! & just cz lady can afford heavy engine doesn’t mean she got a sponsor or sponsor bought it. Nah! 

No man ever bought me no car. No house. No land. Go ahead do the little things. Like shopping etc. I prefer buying my own sh*t wt my own money! That’s the only way u feel proud of what you earn! Motivates u 2 do better. Free things ain’t motivating.

That’s enough from teacher Vera today, y’all can go home now.