Vera Sidika has advised women to embrace who they are no matter their complexion, urging them not to be defined by their colour.

This was after she was ridiculed by Kenyans after stating she and her current boyfriend would make cute babies.

‘It’s so sad that today’s world beauty is identified by color/ complexion.

I just said; we gonna make hella cute babies (not hella white babies.)

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I said cute! & everybody telling me the baby will not be cute coz he/she will be black so does it mean being black is ugly? I don’t get it.’

Vera Sidika

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Vera went on to add that when a person is ugly/beautiful bleaching their skin can never change that.

‘When I talk of cute/pretty I’m looking at the features. Eyes nose ears mouth etc. whether black yellow or colorless don’t matter! 

 If you got great features u definitely beautiful don’t matter what color.

But people have made it seem as if beauty means color.

Smh , I’ve seen ugly light skins & seen super pretty dark skins.’

Vera bleached her skin years ago something that left most tongue wagging but she is not apologetic one bit.

According to her If a woman is ‘ugly’ not even bleaching can help make her appearance better.

Vera is right, people should not be judged by their skin colour.

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