Otile Brown

Otile Brown is one lucky man and not for the reasons you may be think. Yes, he may have been born with good looks, a great voice. He also has a great body that even I a heterosexual male have to admit. NO HOMO! Is that even cool to say anymore?

Otile Brown


The “Baby Love” singer is clearly not over what his baby, Vera did to their unborn baby. The man came out with a new song called “Niachieni” which explains a lot of the angst that he has been going through.

And while Otile moans about what could have been, I groan about what could have been had he manged to get a child with erstwhile video vixen.

Vera Sidika
Vera in her office

It would have been a nightmare for the musician with the infectious tones. These are my reasons:

Raising a child with a slay queen is a bad move

Zari is a socialite and look at how her marriages have both transpired. And yes, I know that it takes two to tango. But I believe she would be a model of what a marriage to Vera would look like. Only much worse.

Vera Sidika
Look at all those motherly traits

Co-parenting with Vera

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie where very much in love. After their separation two years ago, the dispute has dissolved into a situation where the court had to warn Jolie to let Brad see his children.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in happier times

And don’t forget Angelina looks like a more stable woman than Vera. Does Otile really believe that if he split with Vera would allow him to have great relationship with his kid? Me, I don’t think so.

Vera would eventually have left him anyway

This is a sad and cruel reality of life. A woman has to look up to a man to respect him. And that respect comes from seeing that the man is her better.

Otile Brown
Otile in Vera’s office. Look at how proud he is.

That is an important part of a successful relationship. Vera at the moment is super-successful as compared to Otile. Do you think she would have stayed with him and she was better than him?

I don’t think so. Look up the Oscar Curse Win for more.

She is a liar

If she did lie about the reason for their break-up, then it shows a deep character flaw in Miss Sidika. One that would surely have made a relationship between Otile and her a stormy see.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
The waters would n’t be this perfect

Yes. like the one Jesus calmed. Yes, that bad!

Better men than Otile have their eyes on Vera

They are many. They were even hitting on her when they were together. Otile may be a catch to many a Kenyan woman, but Vera is man desired by vice-presidents and the like.

Teodoro-Nguema-Alighting-From-HIs -Luxury-Rolls-Royce
Men like Teodoro-Nguema are definitely better than Otile

How long would he have been able to keep her interested in him. He would always be constantly looking behind his back. Always. Not a great way to live life if you ask me. Not.

Other men popping up for paternity tests

Yommy Johnson her ex-claimed that he once impregnated Vera and she then aborted the child. A claim she denied. How sure is Otile that the child he was having was his?

Yommy Johns
Yommy Johns and Vera in the past

I think there would be some doubts about the paternity. There might even be a few men who might come out to claim the child. Maybe being the operative word.

My list is done but it might all be sh** if what Otile is saying about the abortion is a lie. Only the two of them know. Only them.

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