Vera is one woman who knows how to keep the spotlight on herself. The socialite has come a long way since her break-out video on P-Unit’s “You Guy” that was released 6 years ago.


She has travelled the world and sampled different cities as she expanded her brand. Which brand you may ask? Those are her body and face which she calls her money maker. In that time she has been linked with different men but one of those relationships will be the stuff of legend.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
Otile Brown carrying Vera Sidika

Off course the one I am talking about is the one she had with Otile Brown. The relationship kept Kenyans entertained for a large part of 2018 until it spectacularly imploded.

Vera finally cut the cord when she embarrassed Otile in an epic Instagram post where she talked sh!t about Otile’s “small” member and his mjulubeng game.

Otile Brown

But Vera is not one for the mourning and she promptly moved on from Otile to another mystery light-skin brother.

Vera's new man?

And it seems that the new man has made Ms. Sidika forget the smaller things of her past after she confirmed that her new man is well-endowed.

Vera's new man?

She was responding to an Instagram follower who was prying like a pro(pat that follower on the back for me, excellent tabloiding catejibril). Cate rhetorically commented on Queenvee’s page about the state of affairs in her new man’s trousers writing:

His member must be huge. Anyway you look dope.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Vera was quick to respond with a confirmation of her hitting the jackpot this time with her new man. She wrote back:



 Yes it is and I like it like that.

Vera screenshot
The screenshot

Damn! Mic drop!

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