I do not understand women. That is something I would have said had this been 2010. But today, I understand them better than they understand themselves.

When you read a statement like that, you know Uncle Chim Tuna has just come upon a teaching moment.

Women like hallmarks of dominance. And unfortunately, or fortunately, sociopathy and narcissism are two such hallmarks. That is why badboys are born, rarely made.
And since the days of cavemen, women were drawn to these traits and physicality because they meant a man could fend for himself better than most in the wild. And cave girls learnt to love it!

In the modern day, this phenomenon is seen in Vanessa Mdee who has a thing for badboys in the form of Juma Jux. You see, when Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee ended their dalliance, it was acrimonious. And as always, click the link written in blue to get the inside scoop on what really went down with them.

Vanessa Mdee was so heartbroken that she channeled her emotions to turn art and she gave us the hit Kisela.

So here we find ourselves, at the point at which Vanessa Mdee accused her ex Juma Jux of cheating on her, released a song about him and then now they are back together. Talk about going full circle.

And as you can see, lasses love a bad boy who will cheat and break their hearts. Gentlemen, if you are treating her like a porcelain princess, you are messing yourself up.