Vanessa Chettle has revealed publicly about her days as a drug addict, her relationship with public figures and ‘marrying’ her 80-year-old mzungu ex-boyfriend. 

Sponsor VS Boyfriend: Why Vanessa Chettle Looks Happier These Days

The 20-year-old socialite revealed that she became a cocaine and heroin addict for about six months and couldn’t even travel by air for fear of being caught with drugs by security agents.

At some point, Vanessa says that her behavior changed, her health worsened and the drugs became really expensive for her.

According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos Synovate, many teenagers are getting into drugs because of peer pressure, and that’s exactly what happened to Vanessa.

I love going out, socialising and partying. I’ve been partying since I was 16. When you are out there, you always hear about drugs being cool and see people using them. Partying became my job as I am in showbiz and at some point, I felt that alcohol was not enough to keep me going. That is when peer pressure overcame me. Slowly, I got into drugs.

A few months ago, we noticed that the socialite who was always posting photos of parties and drugs on social media, suddenly stopped doing so. Apparently, she had to check into rehab for about 21 days after her family intervened.

“…I lost my mother to alcohol addiction in 2002. That haunted me. I did not want to take that path.” Vanessa said.

Even though she did not mention the “very well-known” person that she recently broke up with, Vanessa says that they parted ways due to the usual relationship misunderstandings and conflicts, admitting that she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a friend.

“We actually got into a physical fight at the club and that left me distraught. I lost it for a while and I didn’t go to work. He basically shoved me to the ground twice. The five bouncers in the club were on his side as he is very influential and he would pay them to protect hiM FROM THE FALLOUT.