Most of us were grossed out when we saw the images from Vanessa’s social media of her giving birth in the toilet.

Vanessa Chettle

From a medical perspective, doctors have said that sometimes women do not know when they give birth, the baby might just pop out.

Vanessa Chettle

Socialiate Vanessa Chettle shares horrifying details about how she gave birth in the bathroom (GORY PHOTO)

All in all a beautiful baby was born so. Congratulations are in order to Vanessa and the mysterious baby daddy. She finally posted the picture of her baby on social media and isn’t she lovely?


Do not worry, we gat you covered! As Mpasho, we have pictures of her adorable baby girl. Caution to all ladies, you might just some serious baby fever.

Here you go:

I know, so cute and peaceful!