Zari tells men to use condoms

Zari Hassan has become a darling to Kenyans.

Zari Hassan

The mother of five, who has been in the country since Thursday and headlined the Colour Purple concert on Saturday, has won the hearts of many after she advised cheating men to use protection.

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In an interview with Citizen TV, Zari cautioned those who nyandua raw of getting STIs and HIV/AIDs, asking them to at least wear condoms.


“For the guys, if you have to cheat; condomise it! There is STIs and HIV/ AIDS. Don’t put your family/ partner in jeopardy,” she said.

Zari’s remarks ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans, with many accusing her of promoting infidelity. Check out the reactions below

Martin Kariuki: I can’t take advice from this arrogant lady with fake accent ‘n she’s Tanzanian’ about cheating yet she has a school of 5 kids with different hyenas…….

Vincent Ochieng: Zari is right, very right. You guys spewing insults at her how many ladies have you screwed!??? Are you sure the man you call your father is really your biological father??? 😀😀😀😀. Are you sure of your HIV status!??? Reflect on your life first. How many children have you fathered outside wedlock!???? Deadbeat fathers.

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Serena Akinyi: Hahaha zari you make my night hahaha really? I thought you are in Kenya as investor as in Kenya they need more investor can you open a factory of condom in Kenya ?

Ithagu Wa’Njeri: Sometimes it pays to just listen to the message and not the messanger. She might be talking from experience and shading some light to her naïve followers who walk blindly. This is #real and #dangerous and #happening. #LiveAndLearn
She knows she has millions of followers who try their level best to live a life that they see on the media about Zari but they have no clue and tricks of what happens next and will perish in the name of Zari so she is just trying to save them.

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Doreen Maloba: Children are a blessing from God. Its great that she can raise them as mother and father, teaching her boys not to disrespect women. Those insulting Zari please note that she doesn’t need your sympathy.

Beatrice Wanjiru Mwaniki: True I support that statement she said. MEN!!!!!

Langat Mercy: Zari you are very right you find a foolish man whom you are dating just obviously sleeping with suspects without confirming their status nor even using condoms and carelessly exposing the partner, thank God that stage was passed

Annette Salinn Okumu: The truth will always hurt, most men are not faithful, take zari’s advise seriously to protect your partner

Evans Kombe: So you are advocating for adultery and fornication??? What a pity!

Winnie Maroko: Zari is saying that because 90%of men are unfaithful

In another interview with Maina Kageni, Zari revealed that she dumped Diamond Platnumz because he disrespected and her family.

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