Milly Chebby

Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby is tired of body-shamers. She’s not giving them a room to pin her down with their negativity.

Well, the mother of one has savagely clapped back at a fan who compared her to a hippopotamus. The fan, identified as Winfred, body-shamed Milly, offering to help her reduce her tummy.

‘Kuja nikuuzie dawa ya kumaliza tumbo 🤔’

Chebby savagely responded and she wrote

‘Uzia mamako.’

Chebby vs troll

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Winfred went ahead to troll the YouTuber, comparing her to a hippo.

‘hippopotamus binguni utapata mwili mpya,’ Winfred posted.

The plus-size media personality responded and she wrote,

@wi.nfred3517 Kuja na real account tukuone Beyonce huyu hippo ako tu sawa hivi 🖕.

Milly Chebby

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