Corazon Kwamboka has been advised by Kenyans not to be too comfortable as she might end up getting dumped like Maureen Waititu was.

The curvaceous damsel recently announced news of her pregnancy and confirming that Frank Kiarie alias Frankie fathered her child.

‘Even if Frankie proposes I’ll say no, I don’t want to get married…’ Corazon Kwamboka says

People are agitated over the fact that she is flaunting Frankie just months after he separated from the mother of his two children, Maureen Waititu.

In an interview with Mpasho Corazon also bragged that the reason she loves Frankie is because she can fart in front of him without him being judgemental.

Below are some of the comments

Monah Wambura : Do you think you are better than Maureen Waititu??utaachwa tuu na mtoto wako. Once a player always a player!!

Eunice Oguri: You’re not better than his ex.

Laban Mugeni: Misusing of resources.

Tony Micheal: Reverse psychology b#tch wanna get married vibaya sana.

Kijedi Steve: Ndo maana me huambia vijana, don’t let her go to the gym alone anakula chuma.

Jane Mime: Just a reminder he was someones husband so you aint that special.

Teddy Wanjiru: And that my people is the foundation of a relationship with no hypocrisy.

Benendata Musau: Don’t think you are better than the other lady. Experience is the best teacher

Amaru George: It will end in premium tears and suffocation.

Margaret Wanjiku: A desperate soul already asking when will he ever ask for hand in marriage in an indirect way.

Monique Samuel: Hizi expectations ndogo ndogo ndo zitakupea pressure Kwamboka.

Mercy Cassie Kosgei: Who said he will even propose?,Why are you thinking too much woman

Valerie M Gombe: Then don’t choke him with your farts.