Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat is known for his dirty stunts in music videos or at public events. He loves the infamous daggering dance style and you’ll never miss seeing women rubbing their behinds on his genitals.

Timmy Tdat and Brown Mauzo have released a song dubbed Wote Wazuri and it is explicit.

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The video was shot in a beach party set up and all the video vixens are in bikinis, others in hotpants or lingerie. They are also shaking their sitting apparatus as if the world is coming to an end.

Videos from behind the scenes have gone viral and many have lashed out at the women for allowing the two artistes to disrespect them.

In one of the videos, Timmy Tdat can be seen comfortably rubbing one of the video vixens private parts. Kenyans have reacted to the video among them a popular video vixen identified as Becky, who advised women not to entertain such.

Hii industry lazima ujiheshimu btw wasanaii hawana haja na wewe. Utatumika kama tissue. Open your eyes.

DJ Shiti also commented on Timmy’s video and he wrote,

😂😂😂😂😂😂 huyu timmy anafaa ashikwe!! anyanganywe simu hizo vitu chafu ziko kwa gallery zifutwe zoote!!…. coz every time amewatch zinamkoroga.

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More reactions include;

elsa_winfred Inthe name of video vixen you let man disrespect you this nonsense

stunnerthedj 😂😂😂 hawa wa gengetone wanapitia kweli ata tissue haitumiwi hivyo

ellevanarwalter The guys shouldn’t be blamed, blame the ladies for allowing the guys to treat them in such manner. 🗑 🚮💩

paulohunnid 😂😂😂😂😂wah kwanza hawa wa gengetone hupewe tu fare wanarombosa ngoma mzima💔😂

the.athleticc Unakua vixen 😂 unalipwa na kufingwa😪😪

felixhabibi What some vixen goe through for fame and money ….😢😢

pablomg_ke Nlijua tu hawa warembo hushoot Vida za ngoma lazma wanashootiwa pia

princessmawash Hivi hawa wasichana wana wazazi kweli

mokesh_rue Hawa vixens hua hawajipendi jamani😩very sad😬😬yani elfu moja inaweza mfanya dem kujikosea heshima kiwango hii😅

muyu_ke Wtf🤦‍♀️si hawa wasichana wajiheshimu ata how do you comfortably allow him touch your bean ata kama Wewe ni video vixen🚮🚮Ugh such a rotten generation we are in

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