Inspekta Mwala born Dennis Mwambili is one of the most talented actors around.

Mwala, who rose to fame when he appeared on Vitimbi Show back in the 90’s has bevcome a darling to many thanks to his funny jokes.

The father of two, who features in Citizen TV’s Inspekta Mwala dramedy, left us in stitches whenever he graced the screen alongside the late Mzee Ojwang, Mama Kayai, Ngomongo, ter Mogaka, Nyasuguta just to mention but a few, back in the day.

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Well, in a past interview with Hot 96, Mwala revealed that despite him doing a great job. Inspekta Mwala disclosed that it wasn’t all rosy at the start of his acting career at KBC.

Inspekta Mwala

He said that he used to earn sh150 per month leaving his followers surprised.

“I appeared in one show that month, and since that was the amount payable to part time actors, that is what I went home with that month.It was tough,” Mwala recalled.

Inspekta Mwala
Inspekta Mwala wit Hot 96 presenters: Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o

He added that:

“The amount increased to sh450 the following month because I managed to appear in three shows (out of a maximum four) and soon after, I was almost indispensable.”

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