Being a single parent more so a single mother is not easy.

Many single mothers go through a lot of challenges raising children on their own and the hardest part is when they decide to get married. To some, they end up losing this chance just because they have children. No man will accept to take care of another man’s burden.

Recently, Kenyan single mothers almost skinned marriage counselor Bi Msawfiri alive, after she said that single mothers should leave their children at home when getting married.

Here remarks angered many struggling singles mothers around.

‘Huyu Mama Anavutanga Nini?’ Kenyan Women Savagely Attack Bi Mswafari After She Told Single Mothers This

Well, one of the most successful Kenyan mothers, Esther Akothee has finally given some sound advice to her fellow single mothers. The mother of five who has gone through

The mother of five who has gone through a lot in her life has encouraged single mothers to love themselves and not to entertain these men who prey on women and dump them especially after realizing that they have kids.

“Daddy I saw you on social media with a beautiful family, you have already moved on, how about us? mummy I saw you on the newspaper you just bought yourself a new car, well, we are still at grandmother’s place where you left us, the only problem is our shoes don’t fit anymore and grandma ain’t feeling well, nobody to cook for us, daddy /mummy think about us, where did we go wrong, what did we do to you?

As a mother you have no choice but to carry their hearts in your hand, same way you were patient for 9 months, don’t mind people’s opinion, they don’t even know who their father is self 

Akothee Birthday

Any man who tells you he can’t date a woman with children! that sh*t is not meant for you, he wants to use you, enjoy your goodies & leave, don’t be afraid of your status, carry your children like a necklace, the most precious one, sing about your children in his ears until it becomes a house anthem.



Show love to your children & the rest will follow suit, kama ngumu kanyaga frame. Mrs Alone I come with a set of 5 #teambigfive, let me see how many we are here tag me your team #singlemothers rock. Dont forget there are families with both dad & mom living under the same roof but the kids


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Don’t forget there are families with both dad and mom living under the same roof but the kids don’t feel their presence, this is worse than torture. It’s either you are on the left or on the right, this is dangerous.”


Akothee’s post touched many single mothers and here are some of the comments;

Fly_gal: Beautiful message I almost shed tears

Purity: Strength of a woman. Proud mom of 2

Jenny: Proud mum of two… They are the reason I struggle this much ooh….i must make sure they are belly is full, clean, school fees paid and most of all happy…

Josiane: Akotheekenya my #WCW you are unique in every aspect of life

Vioshiks: I love you! will never lose hope but be strong day n make sure I provide for that prince of mine

Anyomago: I’m in the club with no apologies @ madam boss. My son my external spare parts. Pinch him and I, will feel more pain than him. live long proud single moms.

Stacy: Am proud of my daughter and yes am a proud single mum, my daughter my first priority if you can’t handle my girl you can rug yourself.

Shiro: Single mum of one boy and strong for him, don’t care what they think of singles. What’s important I pay my bill and making ma boy happy is ma thin, @akotheekenya i admire way u put things never take any shit since u’r the queen nd queen don’t take nonsense #Godaboveall.

Bewortz: #singlemums…umeongea sasawa akothee.

Josiane: Akothee I love the way you lead your life with integrity,dignity and hustle for for your children….you are an example to every woman who still thinks its for a man to care and make decisions for her…May the almighty keep a light above your head,shine and be successful till they come beg for your forgiveness….let haters talk…I’m a big fan of your music.