Trevor Ombija

Citizen TV’s Trevor Ombija is a shnack. The multi-talented journalist christened vindu vihot by Kenyan women is yet to walk down the aisle.

Trevor Ombija attended a wedding of a close relative and shared photos from the nuptials accompanied by the message below

‘Finally my brother Pius got married…As the #chairman I was getting worried. I wish them #love #happiness and #peace. @crestwoodcomms has cordially accepted Fidelis into the family.’

Check out the photos

Trevor Ombija
Trevor Ombija attends a relative’s wedding

Trevor Ombija

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Ombija’s friends and fans took to social media to ask him when he was getting married.

Saddique Shaban Na wewe utaoa lini?

Enock Sikolia Zicky Kaka let’s now turn the table…. Over to you Trevor Ombija…. Ama namna gani Saddique Shaban?

joydoreenbiira And Now all eyes are on? ……..

wainaina_shakes Wewe utaoa lini

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ogaloberyl Lakini mtu hupenda kuwa chairman Kwa waiting to be invited  Trevor Ombija

Lawrence Otunga I now know why Gachuri referred to you as ‘Chairman’…
You’re the next now 😁

Kt Dan We are waiting for you now.Na usifanye kisiri I know u

alfredmisati Boss now we are looking at you 😂😂

breezyngoya Congrats to them…na wewe pia ukam hivo

misskatiwa @trevor_ombija ngarisha kipindi sasa,,that’s a sign for you, 😂😂cheza kama wewe

bogongoxtine The pressure in these streets though @trevor_ombija follow suit 😂

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