Churchill Kenya

Many people are asking, “Kwani Churchill ali-do?” Well, we have the video of the much talked about episode that got parents up in arms.

It was so bad mpaka Churchill had to give a statement about it.

The show was cut short before the last performer, MCA Tricky could showcase his stand-up comedy. Viewers were perplexed at this disruption and took to social media to vent.

Even the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO had to raise an issue with the show.

KUMEUMANA BOSS! These Are The Contents Of The Phone Call Dicussions Between Churchill And Ezekiel Mutua

Ezekiel, today morning still weighed in on the issue saying,

“The craze about use of vulgar, lewd and obscene jokes, stage names, lyrics and profanity has taken over our entertainment and media industry. Sexualised content fills our airwaves everyday. It’s time our artistes thought about these things. The lie that obscenity and sex talk sells seems to be the mantra defining the content. This must stop. KFCB will do everything in our power to ensure clean content on our airwaves!”

Kenyans React Savagely To Zeddy’s Apology After Churchill Show Was Pulled Off Air

Here is the episode from Sunday’s Churchill Live show that was abruptly disrupted on air.

It features the performances of both Zeddy and Jasper Murume.