Fitness trainer Jane Mukami recently lost her brother Mr Mitu. The 28-year-old committed suicide.

“My heart bleeds with sadness, but I’m more angry than sad. My brother committed suicide a few hours ago…he was 28 years old Ex-US military. I’m angry because ever since we discovered he had potential psychological issues we reached out on numerous occasions to the VA, Cobb County police, The Kenyan Embassy in DC, The US Embassy in Nairobi…everyone we possibly could asking for help. We needed their help because Stephen cut the family off the last 12 months and refused to communicate with us…he lived in total isolation.

He constantly texted about killing himself, I showed these texts to the police as I begged them to check him into rehab or do anything that would help get him back on track…all I got back was, ‘Sorry ma’am unless he does something drastic, there is nothing we can do. He is an adult we cannot force him. Unless he takes himself to get help we cannot be of help.’

“1 thing i know for sure is that had we found a way of getting back to Kenya, he would still be alive. So now I ask America, Was him committing suicide drastic enough for you? I no longer have a brother, mom Mary Kingatua and Eddy no longer have a son, and all because laws didn’t ‘allow’ us to step in and help. Rest In Peace Mitu…I’m sorry we failed you,”Jane wrote on her Facebook page.

Well, a few months later, Jane has shared yet another heartbreaking story ahead of Suicide Prevention Day which is on September 10th.

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Read what she wrote;

“September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day…but today is Thursday and I am throwing back to this picture of my brother and I taken In Atlanta, Summer 2014.


Mental and spiritual health drives everything in our lives, including physical health and fitness. Unfortunately, my brother was not in a mentally good space and chose to take his life 7 months ago.

If there is 1 thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that life will happen. Life will challenge us and the truth is sanity is relative, all it takes is 1 bad incident to break our spirit sending us on a downward spiral. 22 veterans/ex-military commit suicide every single day (In the US) and that number increases with non ex-military suicides. Suicide attempts happen every single day. Let’s acknowledge that Mental health issues are very real and need to be catered to the same as any other disease.

Let’s pay attention to our loved ones, those who survive in silence and isolation. Let’s let them know we love them, and try get them to open up. If that doesn’t work, don’t give up on them and don’t be embarrassed to solicit help from friends, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, anyone that can connect with them, get them to open up + pull them out of their dark hole of despair.

I miss my brother terribly and my hope is that you do not lose someone because of something you could have prevented. Let’s go the extra mile in love, grace and compassion for each other #brotherskeeper.

Many have been touched by Mukami’s story and here are the reactions

Otega: May the peace of God always be with you, Jane Mukami. Thank you for reminding us to care deeply.

Cathy: Mukami, may your brother’s soul continue to rest in peace And may the peace of God continue to rest upon you and your family now and always, Amen!

Milcah: May his soul rest in peace and the peace that comes from above be with you and your family

Chero: May he continue to Rest In Peace doll… mental health is clearly overlooked globally.

Wanjiru: Thank you for the info! 22 per day? I didn’t know that!

Jay: Hugs light and love to you Jane. May he continue to rest in peace.