Gospel superstar Bahati is one talented artiste. But despite this, Bahati is a trumpet blower and a master of publicity stunts. He will do anything for attention. Ever since Bahati unveiled his prayer partner, the 29-year-old Diana Maura, the “Mama” hitmaker is said to have neglected his grandfather; Mr. Ndivo.

Meet The Man Who Was ‘Eating’ Diana Marua’s NUNU Long Before She Became Bahati’s “Prayer Partner”

The old man has been living in abject poverty while his grandson was busy balling in the city. Bahati was exposed on social media for not helping his grandfather, the only close relative he has.

“Kindly or for God’s sake support your grandfather first before you support others,he needs you more than anyone else. Hata Kama

Hata Kama hakukusaidia chochote unafaa kumsaidia. Toa boriti liliko kwa jicho lako kabla hujatoa la wengine. Hivi unadhania Mungu haoni unavyomtenga babu yako? If you truly have the love of your late mom left in you then huyu mzee needs love and care. Its shameful of you. You are enjoying life in Nairobi while your grandpa is suffering in the village,” read the post that went viral.

According to our sources, Mr. Ndivo was deserted and could barely afford a meal.

Bahati Kenya

Bahati was forced to swallow humble-pie and went to visit his struggling grandfather back in the village. He shared a video showing us what he did while at his grandfather’s home and many have termed it as a publicity stunt.

“After many years without seeing him_ I left the city to go and trace my roots. Visited Grandpa father to my late mother Lucia. Memorable and humbling moments with this man that God has kept for over 102 years,” Bahati posted on Facebook.

Bahati has been involved in several controversies since 2015 and for the second time, he was not nominated at the 2017 Grove Awards. What’s not happening to the once upon a time gospel role model?

Here is the video of Bahati chatting with his grandfather: