Tanzanian businesswoman and Instagram Influencer Jacqueline Wolper is counting losses after someone stole from her at her own Kitenge shop in Dar Es Salaam.

Wolper said that the thief, who was a lady, walked away with Tsh 1million which is equivalent to Ksh 46,000Ksh.

She narrated

‘It was a woman, she came and tried out some clothes at my shop and it was about 8:00PM. The lady had on a buibui and a mask so I couldn’t see her well’

‘I had put money on my handbag and the zip was open and there was money. I had 1 million Tanzanian shillings on my bag and the customer told me she had gone to withdraw money and so she ran and got a bodaboda’

‘I noticed after an hour that the money was not there. I asked around and it led us to that lady. I reoptred the case but my parents asked me to forgive.’

Adding that

‘She will be cursed especially now that she has stolen in this month of prayer. That is like asking for a curse’

Wolper says she only forgave the thief because of her parents and if it was upto her, the thief would have faced the law.

This comes just days after salon to Aslay’s baby mama was also robbed

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