Zari vs Hamisa Mobeto

Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sanura Kassim seems to be fed up with the Hamisa Mobeto drama. The socialite cum model, who bore a child with Diamond Platnumz has been at loggerheads with Zari Hassan hurling all sorts of insults at her.

On December 21, both Zari and Hamisa headlined major parties in Uganda but Zari, brought Kampala to a standstill. Her all white party was packed compared to Hamisa’s which was attended by a handful of people.

Zari took to Snachat to thank her supporters for coming out in large numbers saying that haters can’t stop her from doing what she loved.

Zari Hassan

This did not go well with Hamisa Mobeto who felt that Zari had attacked her and she responded back although sources claim that Diamond’s wife’s words were directed to Don Zella, her rival.

Hamisa Mobeto


“We endelea kulia kuvishwa pete wakati mwenzako mume wa mtu tayari.”

Hamisa went ahead to refer to Zari as an old granny claiming that she is older than her mother.

‘I am the age of your first daughter..and you’re 3 years older than my mother. She has always told me to respect her peers and age mates. I respect the two generation you have served ahead of my arrival on this earth.”

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Well, Diamond Platnumz’ mother, who seems to be siding with her daughter-in-law Zari, has told off Hamisa.

“Dawa ya MBU anayeambukiza MALARIA si kumpiga bunduki ni EXPEL tu,” she wrote on Instagram.

Hamisa Socialite

Will Hamisa respond? Let’s wait and see.