Utajichukia, I Swear! See How These Rich Kids Are Living Life Large

Utajichukia, I Swear! See How These Rich Kids Are Living Life Large


8 Of The Wildest Stunts Kenyan Rich Kids Have Ever Pulled

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The Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram account, which has amassed 158,000 followers, sees them flaunt their fast cars, luxury yachts and designer gear online while living it up in the United Arab Emirates – and the latest uploads are no different.

When you’re that wealthy, you can take time to make the most of the stunning views in the city, with one snap showing model Any Salceanu lounging back on a roof terrace in her white swimsuit.

Here are some of the photos from the Rich Kids of Dubai.

Yulianna YS rich kids

Russian blogger Yulianna YS poses inside a Ferrari as she enjoys a drive around the city

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One stunning photograph shows a brunette beauty wearing a stunning yellow gown as she poses in front of her white Ferrari, with the famous Burj Khalifa next to her

rich kids

Two young women are seen lounging around on a high-speed boat, with the city skyline behind them

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Alex Hirschi rich kid

Lifestyle vlogger Alex Hirschi shows off her latest haul of designer gear while posing next to a Bentley

One man showed off his unusual turquoise and white supercar as he posed in front of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel

The Duchess Dubai rich kid3

Another picture shows a blonde beauty soaking up the rays on a luxury yacht, with city’s skyline behind her

The Duchess Dubai rich kid2

One young woman showed off her backless orange frock as she posed next to a red Ferrari

The Duchess Dubai rich kid1

Another snap shows a young woman enjoying a bubble bath as she admired the breathtaking view over the city

The Duchess Dubai rich kid

Meanwhile, lifestyle blogger The Duchess Dubai showed off her gold leather jacket as she lives it up in the United Arab Emirates