If there is a day that most people look forward to, its the day when they finally exchange vows with their loved ones.

When the D-day arrives, the excitement can not be contained and the newly weds often find themselves going to extreme lengths to take good photos.

This is done in a bid to document the their best day well reason being nobody would like to remember their wedding with boring-ass pictures.

But in some cases, the couples do some ‘absurd’ things, leaving many tongues wagging as a result. That is why we are here ladies and gentlemen.

Here are some photos of newly weds who broke the internet for very obvious reasons.

1. When someone tries to ruin your marriage on the first day.

Lady: he should redirect his effort to the bedroom.

2. When you have to confirm that ‘things’ are exactly as you were told.

Lady: OMG! He’s about to find out.

3. When your Kung-Fu skills get the better of you on your wedding day.

I learnt from the best.

4. When he refuses to pay your bride price in full.

You should have just paid.

5. When you have to make a grand entrance, after all its your wedding day.

Are you comfortable my love?

6. How you show up after spending all the money on her gown and the cake.

Its just 100 meters away darling, hang on.

7. When your ‘baby’ is actually a baby.

Till death do us part.

8. When you want nothing to do with him but he has already paid your dowry.

I can’t wait for this ceremony to end.

9. When you wear a table cloth because he refused to import a dress for you from Spain.

What is life?

10. How you show up in his village after saying “I do”.

I run this town b*tches.

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