Kenyan Team Mafisi

Team Mafisi is a name given to broke, ‘thirsty’ Kenyan men who salivate over anything in a skirt yet they cannot afford her.

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Fisi is a Swahili word for a hyena. Hyenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae with only four extant species. They are known to drive off larger predators, like lions, from their kills, despite having a reputation in popular culture for being cowardly. Hyenas are primarily nocturnal animals so are Team Mafisi.

Team Mafisi

Well, just like Mugabe quotes, Team Mafisi also have their own proverbs/wise sayings and they are hilarious. These sayings define a typical Kenyan man or rather fisi and here are some of them:

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  1. Come nikupikie

2. Never had sex for two years

How they look at men
How they look at men

3. Unaenda wapi na hii mvua

4.  Kuja na madem niko na mzinga

5. Nitaingiza kichwa tuu

6. Saa hii uko sure utapata gari?


7. You are like my sister we can share a bed and nothing can happen

8. Just come bill ni kwangu

9. After dating for 2 months
Girl: So what are we?
Fisi: Homo Sapiens

10. Aki Babe nipe Kiss tu and i will be ok

11. Between sipendi kuDM but leo nimeona I DM you

12. You know I don’t do such things for just anybody……. just you!,

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13. Being rude to men will only earn you more days in your father’s compound

14. You have attended 30 pool party, 20 weddings, and 12 yearly events, and you are single, kwani wewe ni tent???

15. Women should not be stingy with holes they didn’t drill

16. Kuja tuspend Friday and Saturday pamoja because Sunday nitakuwa church


17. HER: I know u guys u just want hit and run
ME: no I swear i will hit and hit and hit until you run away

18. Leaves charger at girls place*
*calls at 2 am*
“Niliacha charger kwako naeza kujia

19. Are you comfortable sleeping in jeans ama utatoa??

20. Nimeshindwa kupanga room. Can you come over?

21. Where Team Mafisi Invests mostly.
1. River bank
2. Sperm bank
3. Data Bank
4. Power bank

Team Mafisi

22. Kwangu kuko safe just have a sleepover you’ll go tomorrow morning.

23. Sitaki kuchomwa na maji moto -kenyan women enquiring if you have a girlfriend

24. Can I check if those are real ama ni plastic?

25. “Niwe nikikupigia simu saa ngapi? Staki uwachwe juu yangu”