First things first – if on valentine’s you were taken out by your man or got chocolate and flowers or got gifts like a new phone, a car, a house, shoes, a watch, an expensive vacation or even just a simple card, please stop reading this article right now because this is definitely not for you.

This is for the ladies who may have been miserable and lonely (you didn’t even get a call or text or you spent the entire valentine’s day at work or at school). It’s for the ladies who may have dumped or have been dumped. It’s for the ladies who are simply looking for a good and fit young Nairobi guy.

If you’re still reading this and you’re not single …or you got gifts and/or a date, well let’s just be honest. You probably want to dump your man or you’re looking for some fun, right? …but who am I to be judging you anyway? Just read on girl and do you. LOL!!

I digress.

I hope you have already decided on the kind of man you want because it’s vital to know where you’re heading. What is here are golden tips on how to win his heart. The young Nairobi guy can be a trick to get but when you get a good one, he’s a keeper.

Haya, twende kazi:

1. Pay Attention to the ‘C’ Word

pay attention

You mustn’t walk around like a defeated, clueless, blind mute. Actually worse if you’ve got great looks and you’re walking around looking like that. Ladies, I can’t stress the importance of being confident. (yes, that’s the big ‘C’ word)

Confidence is everything. You need to own your figure, own your story and own your life. Walk with your chin up and your chest out. Feel good and the vibe will spread to those around you. If you’re religious, pray for it. You need to be so comfortable in your skin that you don’t need to bleach (…or darken for that matter)

2. Dress well

You’ve heard this a million times ladies – do it like you’re doing it for TV. The young Nairobi man knows that you’re never too big for your boots.

Put on the right shade of makeup and don’t go overboard. Color match perfectly. It could be your yellow earnings which go well with a green top and a grey floral skirt with shades of green and yellow. The shoes should definitely match the dress; grey pumps. Bright lippies make your personality pop. Or you could just decide to put on simple pants and a top and compliment the look with nice bangles, a bomber jacket and cool sneakers. By the way, you don’t have to rock expensive stuff to look good.

Once you get that right, you’ll be on your way to winning his heart forever!

3. Think like a business man, but act like a lady


In other words, stop the pathetic attitude. Which one is this, you may ask? Trying too much to impress him.

See, when you win over a man to a date, or a drink, be yourself. Do not think you already own the man – because you don’t! You are still a very long way off from signing the deal, so just be yourself. Give him the full attention he deserves. I would recommend that you go off your social media platforms by switching off your phone data. Avoid picking unnecessary calls from your bugging girlfriends. If he notices this and doesn’t give you a chance, then you’ve lost. Period.

4. Instead of having sex on the first date night, do this

If things go well and you get to his place, I can tell you for sure that trying to seduce him is definitely not the sure fire way to win over a Nairobi dude. Read that again.

A lot of young Nairobi dudes will not mind it but then it will be a recipe for disaster. No man won’t refuse a one night stand or a no strings attached kinda relationship. This also means it is a guarantee that he not gonna be yours.

Instead, talk and hang out. Find out his favorite film or TV series. Surprise him big time that you’re with it.

The typical Nairobi guy likes to watch comedy (like the stand-up comedy on HBO, Cougar Town, Californication, Ballers), drama (like Suits, Luther, Grey’s Anatomy, The Fixer), adventure (you can never go wrong with Game Of Thrones), action (Vikings, Hawaii Five-O)


Get to watch these together and chill. It will be worth the wait when you’ll meet again.

5. Have fun while at it

Finally, I don’t mean that you employ tomboyish behavior that looks more like a clown. No. Behave like a lady but at the same time don’t be a stone wall. Too cold and traditional. Be aware of what’s popping around the world. It shouldn’t be gossip; that’s a bit too cliche and shallow. The topics should be interesting, mature but both informative and entertaining. Don’t do the heavy stuff …like politics, economics, religion. Save those for later. They are important, no doubt, but be smart and realize that they have their own place.