Machozi Monday is only one day away. In the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, Monday has a new name; Machozi Monday (tearful Monday). For the last three weeks Nairobi residents, including innocent business people, school children and senior opposition leaders, have all fallen victims of “tear gas” as a result of the demonstrations organised by the opposition’s CORD brigade.

Police Allegedly Fire Live Bullets At Raila Odinga’s Car During Demonstrations (Photos)

The demos have been a strategy of CORD’s clamour to have IEBC commissioners vacate office, ahead of the 2017 General Elections. Even after all the ‘tear-gasing’ by police, the opposition has stood firm that it will not cease demonstrating until the said commissioners leave office.

Madam Tear Gas! Meet The Female Cop In Tight Jeans Who Caught Mafisi’s Attention In Monday’s CORD Demonstrations

Ahead of yet another chaotic day in the city on Monday, one Administration Police officer has chosen to voice his feelings concerning the whole hullabaloo. And he has done it in style. He is a natural rapper as heard and seen in this video as he did a cypher.