Khaligraph with Kenyan rappers

The beef between Khaligraph Jones and radio presenter Jalang’o seems to have reignited just after we thought it was over.

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Khaligraph has of late been identifying himself as an international artiste, claiming no one can match him locally.

Recently, Jalang’o lectured Khaligraph after he shared a snippet of Octoppizzo’s new song on Instagram. The comedian-cum-radio presenter told the Mazishi hitmaker to share a stage with Octoppizzo if he was indeed genuine.

Why are you sharing on this platform (Instagram)? We want to see you share a stage, period. The rest is simply noise. We want to see a mic on Octopizzo’s hand and a mic on your hand then we decide who is the real king in the country. 

Check out the screenshot

Jalang'o vs Khaligraph

Khaligraph went ahead to post a photo grid containing pics of four baddest rappers in the industry, asking Jalang’o to invite them for a competition.

Kenyan rappers

He said he was convinced that Msupa S would take home the trophy of the best rapper.

I want to Attend this, @jalangoo organize this Asap, My money is on Msupa S, Hii itakua moto Kama pasi Ya Makaa, who else wants to see this go down? The winner gets a Collabo with The OG 🔥🔥🔥#respecttheogs.

This did not go well with Khaligraph’s fans who told him off, claiming he was egoistic and was underrating local rappers, who are even better than him. Check out reactions:

Sirmejosh: We have got only two Musicians in Kenya @realshinski and @thekingkaka .. Nyi wengine you are just helping them reach their goals… Kama una ngori kuja na mbogi gathee 😂😂😂😂

Khaligraph Jones

alvin_daddyman.swaat: Unasema we ni msee international na uko ukifanya collabo na kina msupa s…mazee piga picha hata ukiwa outside kenya…occto ameshika hadi mkono ya obama wewe ukikazana na msupa s…fanya kazi na uwache kusaka kitu ya kutrend coz ya wivu

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guillaume_cesc_william: Hii ndio inaitwa below the belt. Umebeba hao wasanii wana sana 😂😂

Bush_i.m: You are just a lyricist …nyash and king kaka are lyrical poets…learn the difference…maybe it will teach you alittle respect on the Art of Hip hop … you are free to insult at your own self appointed OGinga level…thanks

_k3ll: @Octopizzo is on top of you..unashindwa kufika 1m viewers youtube na unajidai

richmanrichie: These guys are greater than the OG

nyakwama: Kajamaa kanachapa collabo moja na Ycee anadhani amefika

ayoditours: Respect Kingkaka he is de baddest of all

Khaligraph Jones

vin_talakid: 💥💥💥💥💥💥😂😂uezi fikia octo [email protected] cheza na video za Moshi ka msee wamaka

mike_mike_qb: Kanye west alianza kurant hivi kidogo kidogo akajipata amechizi I hope you’re not headed there brother @khaligraph_jones
hoodprince4real: You always say respect the OGS but you lack respect for the REAL OGS ….oh well we always want what we can’t have

mwika_mutabari: Leave @realshinski out of this bullshit ma niggah 😏

irene_mercy: Please toa nyash hapo he is the only king we Kenyans know @realshinski ‘list ni watu wawili Mimi Na king south s, KEBs

Khaligraph Jones

gunner_de_stunner: Msupa s nikikulaa maharagwe nyingi nafart better than her rap

Not so long ago, Khaligraph’s ex-girlfriend exposed him for being abusive.

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