Timmy T Dat

Timothy Owuor, popularly known as Timmy Tdat, is arguably the best and most creative musician around. Timmy, who shot to fame after his Welle Welle hit song, is giving his counterparts a run for their money. He is currently the most talked-about artiste around. His songs have always dominated the airwaves and, who knows, Timmy might scoop as many awards come the next Bingwa Awards ceremony.

Timmy’s hits include Usinikazie ‘Dus Nyau’, Haitosi, Inaweza, Tunakubali, featuring The Kansoul, Shigidi, featuring Frasha and his new single Ndulu, featuring his ex-girlfriend Kush Tracey. The Welle Welle hitmaker is also known for his infamous daggering dance style, and it seems he is not going to stop this anytime soon. Recently, he was caught on camera daggering a lady on stage, leaving revellers yearning for more. Timmy performed alongside his ex-girlfriend Tracey, who he broke up with a few weeks ago after a nasty drama at a popular bar along Lang’ata Road.

Hawa Watarudiana Tu! Timmy Tdat And Kush Tracey Meet Up In Public After Nasty Breakup..Looking ALL COSY

Timmy is known for his versatile performances and he is the next thing to watch. Although he always thrives on controversy, he has proven to be the best artiste around. He recently revealed to Mpasho how he is planning great things ahead of next year. Well, daggering seems to be Timmy Tdat’s favourite dance and he cannot finish a performance before pulling this infamous dance style, which became a trend in Kenya after the famous RDX singers came to the country back in 2011 and performed one of their hit songs “Bendover” that left them banned from performing here.

Below is the photo everyone is talking about:


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