I love new experiences and that’s why I can go on as many dates as I can. Not only to sip on expensive drinks and munch on different types of salads at the Pampa Grill but to socialize and mingle.

I will also get to know much more about my ‘partner’ during that particular date.

But, there are some men who piss me off. Not because they don’t know how to dress or their mouths stink, but because of their bad behaviours. Some are always touchy-touchy while on a date and you have just meet.

Hata potential Mr Right or Mr Moneybag will gloss over you thinking you are with that touchy-touchy loser. Na hata haumpendi.

Mnabore Tu Sana! 5 Things Women Hate About Kenyan Men

Well, apart from that, I had a chat with the queen of Showbiz Industry Grace Kerongo on the types of men Kenyan women hate. Dear Kenyan women, here are the types of men you should never date.

  1. Married men acting single

These are the real devils. He will ask you for dates every time in the name of ‘I am single’ and searching. Dear ladies, this type of men are a no-go zone, do not waste your time. Look for a young man and settle down with him. Even then, make sure he doesn’t disapear on weekends and returns on Monday with dubious excuses. If he does, jua unacheswo.

2. Sex pests

Saitan! These men always ask, beg and pester for sex. Never entertain such kind of men my fellow ladies. He will not respect you even if you end up marrying him. He will always degrade and look down upon on you. Learn to say no. After all sex si chakula ati utakufa ukikosa kukula.

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3. One who asks for a blow job yet he doesn’t bath

Uvundo tuu! But why do some men fear water? One day, I went out and overheard one lady narrating to a pal how his mpango wa kando stinks huko down. ‘Haki huyu wangu haoshangi magwadi, everytime I BJ him ye hushuta plus the smell down there weeh! Utadhania ni rotten eggs..’ Why? Style up and maintain hygiene.

4. Nagging

These type of men are a turn-off. Every time he texts or calls, he is asking you when you will visit him. ‘Utakam leo? When are you free you come to my place?’. Kuchokesha nayo? Eish, these men annoying. He is busy inviting you daily, daily, from Monday to Monday yet he can’t send you money for taxi fare, leave alone buying you lunch.

5. One who wants to only buy drinks and smash instead of Netflix and chill

Such type of men are time wasters. All he needs is buy you drinks then smash the whole night or all day long as if he has paid dowry or you too are acting a porn movie. Sweating on of you and making you do gymnastics in bed is all he can afford. Dear women, keep off such men. Kama hawezi Netflix and chill, akwende.

6. Those who drive expensive cars bought on loans yet they have nothing in the house

These breed of men are common, especially in Nairobi. They drive posh cars which they bought on loans which they are yet to clear. But when you visit their houses, they sleep on the floor and have nothing else to brag about. Hata fridge hana.

7. A man who asks you for a threesome

Dear ladies, if a man ever asks you for a threesome; he is either tired of you or wants more sexual adventure and experiences. Basically, he is just there for sex and he is not serious with you. Keep off such ill-mannered men. Let them visit brothels if he needs those fetish-like experiences.

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