Budget airlines are ruthlessly restrictive with luggage allowances, but don’t let that put you off your holiday.

Most airlines will let you check-in between 20 and 25kg (44-55lb), although that can drop to 15kg on certain such as carriers such as Ryanair.

Shaving a few kilos off is easy with a little common sense, advanced planning and backbone. We run through the best space savers for bank holiday weekend getaways.

Shaving a few kilos off your suitcase is easy with a little common sense, advanced planning and backbone


A study found that men pack just three pairs of underpants for a week’s holiday, while women will take ten pairs for the same trip.

As unhygienic as it sounds – and according to seasoned travellers – men have the right idea. Save space in your luggage by packing just three pairs of undies.

Save space by packing just three pairs of undies and wash one at a time so you always have a clean pair

Three is all you need: one pair that you are wearing, one that you have just washed and another that is drying. Just ensure you keep them in careful rotation…


These are the bane of most traveller’s or holidaymaker’s bag. They arrive in a tangled mess and take up great swathes of room.

If you use a different cable to charge your laptop, camera, phone, music player, toothbrush and shaver, you’re probably drowning them.


Take the situation in hand and buy a multi adapter (Ebay has some good options for less than a fiver).

Opt for rechargeable batteries if you carry a lot of battery operated items such as torches, cameras or an mp3 player.

Lastly, pick a one-size-fits-all multi socket adapter so you can use the same one the world over.


These are far too large and heavy to pack. Instead, decant what you can into smaller containers before you leave and buy as much as you can the other end.

Toiletries are too bug and heavy to pack: buy what you can abroad and take only the bare minimum

Empty eye drop bottles can be filled with toothpaste, or Muji sells tiny clear containers, pump action bottles and sprays from as little as 75p each that you can decant products into. Contact lense cases are ideal for decanting foundation for women, ensuring you don’t lug a huge bottle away with you.

Sun cream is cheaper abroad than at your local Boots, so wait to buy it, and use travel sized bottles

Sun cream is almost always cheaper abroad than at your local Boots, so wait to buy it and think about how products can be doubled up.


Sun cream is cheaper abroad than at your local Boots, so wait to buy it, and use travel sized bottles

For example, opt for a moisturiser with a high SPF, use a shampoo/conditioner in one, let your moisturising body wash double as shaving cream and share as much as you can with whoever you are travelling with. 

Don’t forget to take use of hotel toiletries too, they are there for a reason.


It may seem counter-intuitive, but nothing take up as much room or precious weight as guidebooks. If you must, take only one slim guidebook with you or photograph the relevant pages from your favourite and carry those with you.

If you must, take only one slim guidebook with you or photograph the relevant pages

It’s more rewarding to speak to locals and discover hidden gems that are off the beaten track.

Guide books are frequently out-of-date, there is almost always hotel WiFi to fall back on and, if you are in a hotel, the front desk should be ready to help too.

Some travel guide apps, such as Lonely Planet, also have an offline function, meaning that you download the information when you have WiFi then can still reference it when you’re out and about. Equally, Google Maps has a similar function, so yu can save a key map and reference it when you don’t have internet access.

The sea is the world’s greatest jewellery graveyard, too. Side step any hassle and leave heavy, clunky pendants at home. If you have to travel with bling, keep it the hotel safe and take out comprehensive travel insure it before you fly.


You have two feet and only one suitcase so don’t think variety, think practicality. Most veteran travellers goers swear by only packing two pairs of shoes, no matter how long they are away.

You’ll need one pair of comfortable shoes for walking around in and one smarter pair for the evening.





Shoes Most expert travellers swear by only packing two pairs of shoes, no matter how long they are away


1. Use buttons to transport earrings

2. To avoid creases, pack your clothes in plastic wrappings

3. To avoid your shoe soles touching your clothes, place them in shower caps

4. Stuff your shoes with socks, underwear or other small items to make the most of the space and to help them keep their shape

5. To avoid shampoos leaking in your bag, unscrew the lid and place a small circle of cling film, or plastic wrap over the hole. Screw the lid back on to hold it in place, and eliminate all worries about bursting liquids

6. Wrap breakables, such as perfume bottles, or a teacup if you are Miranda Kerr, in socks to protect them

7. Keep freebie shampoos and cosmetics from hotels so you don’t have to lug big bottles

8. Alternatively store face cream and small lotions in contact lens containers to save space

9. Wrap your belts round the outside of the suitcase, around your clothes to make use of the outside corner space

10. Place a dryer sheet in your case, or shoes in a shower cap to prevent odours transferring to your clothes

11. Apply a bull clip to razors that have lost their safety lid to prevent tearing of clothes

If you are near a beach a pair of flip flops might be useful too – but those can be bought cheaply on arrival and donated to a nearby charity before you leave.


No matter how much you might think you love home comforts, you can manage without them. That goes for salad cream, Marmite, McVities Digestives, specialist teas and Irn Bru.

Throw yourself into local food and stop being so fussy.


Ditch the home comforts – such as HP Sauce and Marmite – and throw yourself into trying local dishes


According to a survey by Silver Travel Advisor, anything hewn from corduroy is one of the top things that women wish men left behind when on holiday.

A survey by Silver Travel Advisor found the item most women wished men didn’t pack was corduroy

Other key items that should not be packed included beanie hats, excessively large photographic equipment and ‘family sized’ aerosols or shaving foams.

Men were asked the same question and requested women didn’t pack excessive medication, large or embarrassing headgear or kettles with them when they travelled.

On the clothing front, jeans are also a worst offender, alongside corduroy. If you don’t have much space, jeans are unnecessarily bulky and take a long time to dry when washed.

Source: Daily Mail