The Kayole born and bred socialite Capri Apantambua is just “amazing”. She is so real. Unlike her counterparts who try to be “unique” by faking accents and even forget where they came from, Capri Apantambua is different. She is not afraid of doing anything.

WUOLOLO! Wannabe Socialite From Kayole Posts More Raunchy Photos, Driving Her Sex Hungry Male Fans WILD!

From splashing nudies to sharing her twerk videos, she is just unique in her own way. And that’s maybe why she has a huge fanbase. Recently, Capri Apantambua took to social media to reveal the “shocking” news about herself.

She confessed that if you wanna bed her, make sure that you don’t ***** below 4 times.

“Usiende chini ya shot ngapi…”

She posted on social media this time accompanied with a pretty pic of herself. Check out

Capri Apantambua33