Woman secretly checking her mobile phone in bedroom

People with certain personality types are more likely to be unfaithful than others, an expert has revealed.

These are millennials who engage in cybersex and have come of age with internet porn, first-date sex, and friends with benefits. They are women and men in the midst of midlife crises who fear dwindling opportunities in sex as well as in life in general.

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They also include the elderly, who are living longer and healthier than ever, confronting changes in their bodies and their desires but enjoying the benefits of drugs and treatments that can enhance their sex lives.

Also religious people who cheat and people who say they cheat despite the fact that they are happy with their spouses.

So who can cheat? Anyone! Anytime! Any place!

When it comes to the psychology of cheaters, the biggest factor driving them to stray is the feeling that they’re entitled or deserve to cheat.

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Research and clinical experience have identified certain personality traits to be associated with this feeling:

Narcissism—feeling self-entitled and putting one’s needs first

Lacking empathy—not being able to put oneself in one’s partner’s shoes

Grandiosity—overestimating one’s abilities, especially one’s sexual prowess with others, and needing validation for one’s abilities as a lover

Being impulsive—making important decisions, with major consequences, on the fly

Being a novelty or thrill seeker

Having an avoidant attachment style—fearing commitment

Being self-destructive or masochistic