Prostitution is still one of the booming businesses in the country, despite the hard economic times.

Of late, brothels are mushrooming in every corner of the country and this is a clear indication that demand is high. Prostitution is one of the best-paying jobs if I must say.

Most of the prostitutes nowadays are beautiful ladies who also have respectable jobs. Some are salonists, bankers, government employees who work during the day but at night, they are in the streets doing what “they do best”.

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Last week, My best colleague Chege and I went to review the city brothels after the powerful five piece investigative we did last year, February and were surprised by the new number of brothels we came across. They had multiplied; clients were many but we were shocked to learn that the charges were still the same.

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‘Siku hizi competition ni kali. Watu wanatoka sehemu mbali mbali kuja kufanya umalaya huku. ukicharge doo mob utarudi home bila kakitu. So ni heri ucharge kiasi so that upate customers wengi.’

One of the ladies at the infamous Sabina Joy told us.

Despite prostitution being illegal in Kenya, men throng brothels to quench their thirst without caring about the consequences they might face apart from being arrested or drugged.

Well, for those clients willing to visit the city brothels, here is the price list for both an*l and p****. Usigongwe please.


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