Yvette Obura, baby mama to gospel singer Bahati is not afraid to tell as it is.

True, she has added weight. The reason is not because she has been eating lots of junk food.


She has for the first time revealed that she added 15 kg after prescribing to herself what she thought was the suitable method.

She wrote:

“But ladies before you get your family planning done seek doctor’s advice first. As in your hormones will always determine what method suits you. I hate how people see me nowadays and tell me ‘Pesa ni mzuri unakula nini skuizi?’ No boo! I used a wrong method of family planning. Young and naive I was just trying to be cautious and I added 15 kgs in six months, so ladies don’t let this happen to you. Slowly working out”

Yvette Obura Bahati

So what method could she have used?

The implants, the pill or the injection, the emergency contraception or tubal ligation?

Yvette contraceptive meme

Yvette and Bahati are blessed with a two-year-old daughter, Yvanna Mueni Bahati.

The two have moved on after parting ways back in the day before fans knew that the singer already had a child before marriage.

Yvette Obura bahati

‘Baada ya kumpa gari hanitaki’ Bahati exposes baby mama Yvette Obura

Bahati is now married to Diana Marua while Yvette previously confessed that he is seeing a man that she decided to keep private.

According to her confession it is evident that ‘ananyanduana na a spesho sumbarry.’

Bahati Yvette

Check out a photo of Yvette before and after:

Yvette Obura