Woman crying

A heartbroken city woman has exposed a man who used her and dumped her.

According to this woman, she was in dire need of a job and after posting on Instagram that she was searching for a job, a random man contacted her and gave her a job.

But hell broke loose when the man started demanding sexual favors from the woman. She says at first she declined but he pestered her and she finally decided to let him have her cookie.

She narrated how the man ‘mistreated’ her anytime they slept together and the things he used to do to her:

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“I met this guy on Instagram after I dropped shared a post about searching for a job. He sent me a dm and offered me a job, I was too excited, I resumed after 4 days and everyone in the office loved me. This man started asking for sex, I refused but he kept pushing and threatening to take his job, so I accepted,” she wrote in part.

She went ahead to explain how she was later replaced by the man’s sister and the unapologetic man blocked her everywhere.

“We had sex 4 times and this man is a sex machine, he overused my body. The way he played with my boobs I could tell that he doesn’t value me, during sex he treated me like a hoe, spat saliva on my private parts, hit me so hard that I would have back pains and after sex, he would just take a bath and drive out. Do you know that I came to work this morning and I was told that I have been replaced by his younger sister?

I called him and he blocked me. I sent him a DM on Ig and all he said was that he is done with my cheap self and blocked me. What should I do? Advise me, please.”

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