Everyone of you has an epic story from their childhood that they cannot forget. It could be the craziest thing you ever did or that mature girl that you had a crush on yet you were so young!

As for me, my childhood house help used to lock my sis and I in the house then went to spend time with her lover. We’d stay hungry the whole day!

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I guess I have something common with my colleague Adelle Onyango, who took to Instagram to share an epic throwback that left her fans in stitches.

It was a photo of her and her sisters. She complained about how ugly their outfits were and proceeded to share something that they all went through!

The house help they had would steal their stuff — including Christmas decoration — and took them to her boyfriends place!

adelle onyango 1

We all look displeased/shocked at our hideous outfits.

My sister @amarieadhis posted this pic today and the Outfit I’m rockin was my Sunday best!
My mum used to get so pissed at me for over-wearing it! Anyway so we used to have this househelp who stole things from us. Sugar, our old Christmas cards (addressed to us!), my mums T-shirts and even my above pictured Sunday best.
So my mum got cops and tracked this househelp, she had taken all our stolen stuff to her boyfriends house. They patad him in my mum’s T-shirt!!!!! Our old Christmas cards hang around his house as decorations!!! Anyway my Sunday best was brought back home to be overworn again😊

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This left her fans laughing their butts off:

fifie.namui have died😂😂😂😂

thetimwork Y’all look like you were about to present two “numbers”. I like it. 😂😂

nabwalakilwake You girls are beautiful. And the vibe of Sunday best… Wacha tu

goodietwoshoeske Christmas cards???? Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious!

brendajardine @adelleonyango i this for an old pic its epic 😂😂…i know Archives are never this cute lol…but the Vaseline ama ni Valon tho,she Samosaad u mbaya…y’all too shiny 😂😂…greetings from Deutschland

jeffmaina16 Hehehe…. Now who is Adelle and who is amarieadhis. .. You look like identical twins

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