hamisa mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto has had quite an interesting year. Especially when it comes to her relationship with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz and his family.

Early this year, Zari left Diamond because of Hamisa Mobetto with whom he has a son. Mobetto conceived the child when the singer was still an item with Zari.

Mid this year, she took the Bongo singer to court over child support issues. They later agreed to settle the case outside court and Miss Mobetto finally got what she wanted.

She was later rumoured to have gone back to Diamond when they shared photos of themselves together enjoying a private moment. Mama Diamond was later reported to have beaten up Mobetto when she found her in her mansion. The one that her son Diamond bought for her.

The two then fought on social media when Diamond said Mobetto had planned to bewitch him into marrying her.

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In the past few weeks, she had been rumoured to be dating an American basketballer Josh Adeyeye whom she used as a vixen on her song Tunaendana.

Well,it’ss her birthday and she has written a letter narrating how she cried for hours and how her struggles have been through the year.

Here is the letter she has written to herself:

“Dear Hamisa Mobetto

Have you noticed lately how much you have changed? You are now more confident and focused.

I remember the days I used to cry for hours till the tears dried, the throat hurt and the nose blocked. But gone are those days!
It’s my birthday today, and I want to count my blessings. I have met a lot of people this past year and only gratitude is what I can show. First I Want to thank mama mobetto for always standing by me. You have proved to be my best friend and my confidant. You believing in me made me start mobetto styles.

Thank you beatrice ndungu my PR 🙌🏽 for always believing that I can achieve anything in business. My dear fans, I don’t even know where to start. You have made me stronger; you have shown me that Strangers can be family. And to you the_ironlady I love you so much my director and my second mum. & My dada mange kimambi Nakupenda 🙌🏽

This year my baby turned one, what a joy it is to be called mum by my 2 amazing kids. You are gems. Thank you for all the products that believed in me.


Hamisa you pulled it off. Congratulations.

Last but not least Madam Hero. I am still in awe because of how people support my music. It has made me realize that many people go through a lot of things, but have no platform to talk. I am so happy I was a pillar to all these people through Mobetto Foundation.

How can I forget COMING TO AMERICA, what an experience. This is where I say God is good. My first time in America and I travelled to almost all the states. I still find it hard to believe at times. Not forgetting that I was given the opportunity to walk the runway. Thank you Joe Malaika for believing in me. And I got to meet (I’m screaming inside) facet .

Thank you for not giving up Hamisa.

….. cheers 🥂 to 2019🎉”

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