It’s sad how the desire to be light skin has become the in-thing lately, with women going to the extent of bleaching their entire body to remove ‘the tint’.

We have such a perfect example with our very own bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika, who also underwent a boob implant procedure to enlarge her twins.

After Lightening Her Skin, Vera Sidika Wants To Be White

But one beautiful and talented singer and radio presenter, Patricia Kihoro, knows too well  how it feels to be insecure when you are more dark skinned that everyone else.

The Homeboyz radio presenter is one of the most beautiful women in Kenya, with a sultry voice and acting prowess, but sadly Patricia has not always loved her dark skin.

Patricia recently shared struggles she has had before and shockingly revealed that she was very insecure about her complexion when she was younger.

This is what she wrote in a letter to her younger self dubbed, Dear Me- Patricia:

I have never said this to you. I love you. I love you Patricia. And it hurts me to say but I haven’t loved you for a long time. I haven’t shown you the kind of love that should have come so naturally. It probably began at age seven or eight, when I’d sit in the sun with soap on my face, hoping the black would crack off of my skin.

Who thought with all that confidence and determination, that Patricia actually wished she was a light skin? But that’s in the past now, and the gorgeous lass appreciates and loves her African skin just the way it is.

She finished by saying how she is now happy and embraces herself more:

Little did I know. I don’t know where or how I learned not to love my black, but I’m glad I can’t get enough of it now. Important lesson darling; Black don’t crack. You are magic, you and all your melanin.